Does Irish People Also Wear Kilts?

Does Irish People Also Wear Kilts

Yes, Irish people also wear kilts. When you think about civilian dress from Ireland, what comes to mind first? The plaids. What is the Irish history of the kilt? An item of clothing that resembles a kilt is a skirt with pleats at the back that resembles a long, knee-length skirt. It is the national costume of Scotland and has long been connected to Irish and Scottish ancestry. Most people must be aware of the Irish kilt’s long history. This characteristic is thought to have been added to Irish ancestry for the first time in about 1800.

You may assume someone is from Scotland if you see them wearing a kilt. Since Scottish kilts are incredibly well-known worldwide, Kilts have been a part of Celtic culture for centuries, in case you didn’t know. For Scots, kilts are a sign of honor and pride. Are kilts associated with Irish tradition? Do Irish individuals don kilts? They do. They act in this way out of pride in their country.

History of the Irish kilt

What is your knowledge of the origins of the Irish tartan? When did Irish men wear this most macho of garments for the first time? Historians who research historical clothing concur that the kilts entered Irish culture around the 1800s, although their origins are still debatable. Lein Croich is often regarded as the original Irish kilt. It wasn’t your typical kilt. It’s an Irish kilt since it was a tunic.

Traditional Irish kilts typically include shamrock embellishments down the crease and are mustard yellow. There is no plaid or tartan pattern on the original Irish kilt, also known as the saffron kilt. It’s noteworthy to note that in Ireland, this particular kilt is the most worn. Irish soldiers in the British Army were the first to wear it in the 20th century.

Difference between Irish and Scottish kilts?

In Ireland and Scotland, a kilt is a knee-length skirt-like garment that is quite fashionable. What distinguishes a Scottish kilt from an Irish one? The tartan is the primary distinction between Scottish and Irish kilts. Since each tartan in Scotland represents a clan, the families are inextricably linked to the kilt tartans. The counties and districts of Ireland are supposed to be represented by the Irish tartans.

Accessory worn with Irish Kilts

It is acceptable to wear kilts to formal parties no matter where in Scotland or Ireland you are from. To complete the appearance, wear it with all of your accessories. During formal events, these accessories will make you stand out.


In Irish and Scottish cultures, the Sporran is the most often worn item when wearing a kilt. Typically, it is worn around the waist. There is a shamrock on the Irish Sporran. A Celtic symbol is a shamrock.


You may have noticed Scottish individuals wearing crests. They affix their clan crests to formal tartan attire. On the other hand, crests are not sewn onto tartans in Ireland. In reality, they pierce a Shamrock crest.


Jackets from the Irish and Scottish cultures can be worn with kilts. A kilt looks stunning when paired with a formal doublet for formal events. Scottish culture’s most well-known traditional jacket is the Prince Charlie, worn to graduations and weddings. The waistcoat and jacket are worn together. An argyle jacket can be worn to semi-formal gatherings. What makes the Argyle jacket the best? It works for both daytime and evening activities.

In Irish culture, the most famous formal jacket is the Brian Baru jacket. This jacket has a waistcoat and is highly similar to the Prince Charlie jacket. Irish folks use kilkenny jackets for less formal occasions. The jacket features more decorative buttons on the front than a typical suit jacket, yet it still appears similar.


Whether wearing a tuxedo or a kilt, the perfect shoes are essential to finishing your ensemble. The shoes you choose must go with the outfit you are wearing. The combination of knee-high socks and brogues goes nicely under a kilt in Irish and Scottish traditions. Make sure the ribbon on your tartan matches it.


Take caution when selecting a shirt to match a kilt. The shirt you choose should complement the doublet and tartan you are wearing. You can pair a short wing collar shirt with a Prince Charlie jacket. The combination looks fantastic if you pair an argyle jacket with a regular collar shirt.

Essential things to keep in mind

If you intend to purchase kilts online, be sure you have the correct information. Many producers provide kilts for sale. But only some vendors selling kilts are offering premium kilts for sale. Whether you are purchasing an Irish or Scottish kilt makes no difference. Verify if it is constructed from high-quality materials. A high-quality kilt’s cost can be attributed to its superior materials. When placing an order, make sure the measurements are accurate as well. If not, you won’t be able to try on a kilt before purchasing.


Kilts look fantastic whether you’re wearing a Scottish or saffron version. The place of manufacture of the tartan is crucial to know. Wearing a kilt that has nothing to do with Celtic tradition is not something you want to insult people. Now that you know the distinctions between Scottish and Irish kilts, you can wear them proudly and confidently. Put on your kilt and look amazing in this ultimate manly outfit.

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