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Rabbit Fur Sporrans

Our premium Rabbit Fur sporrans are meticulously manufactured in Pakistan. Each sporran is one-of-a-kind, with Celtic details on the cantle. Dress sporrans are both decorative and utilitarian, and they can be used to keep valuables at various events. Our Premium Rabbit Fur Sporrans come in a range of colors, so you may select one that matches your outfit perfectly.


– Keep your valuables safe and secure.

– The perfect accessory for any kilt outfit.

– Express yourself with a unique, one of a kind sporran. 

– Feel confident knowing you’re wearing the best sporrans on the market

Premium Rabbit Fur Sporrans are the ideal finishing touch to any kilt ensemble. They are soft and plush, made from rabbit fur, and will give a touch of elegance to your attire. These sporrans will look great with either a classic or modern kilt attire. Rabbit fur Sporrans are a traditional kilt adornment. These are crafted from high quality rabbit fur and showcase elaborate detailing and craftsmanship. We have the perfect sporran for you, whether traditional or trendy. So, if you’re looking for a Rabbit Fur Sporran, go no further. You’ll find the ideal sporran for any occasion. If you have any queries regarding our Premium Sporrans, please contact our Customer Service Team and we will gladly assist you. You’re guaranteed to find the ideal sporran for any occasion.

A rabbit fur sporran is a Scottish pouch traditionally worn as part of a highland dress, typically with a kilt. It is made from a rabbit’s fur, typically dyed and crafted into a pouch hanging from a leather strap around the waist.

The perfect accessory for any kilt outfit.

Rabbit fur sporrans can come in various styles, from simple and plain to more ornate designs with metal or tassel embellishments. The fur is usually sourced from farmed rabbits or maybe ethically sourced from hunters.

These are often worn for formal and informal occasions and are more affordable than others. They are known for their softness and warmth, and their unique look and texture make them a popular choice among Scottish heritage enthusiasts. However, the use of fur in fashion has become a controversial topic due to concerns about animal welfare, and alternative materials such as fox fur are increasingly used as a substitute.