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Prince Charlie Jackets

Prince Charlie jackets, renowned for their formal and elegant appeal, are an integral part of Scottish formal attire, particularly for special occasions. These jackets hold significant cultural value, representing the rich heritage of the Scottish Highlands. When paired with a kilt, they exude a stunning, contemporary, and fashionable statement, showcasing Scottish pride with grace.

Crafted with warm textiles, Prince Charlie jackets are tailored specifically for Highland wear. The lapel facings, made of satin silk, add a touch of formality to the jackets, while the satin linings enhance their luxurious feel. Externally, these jackets are designed without pockets, but they feature two interior pockets for practicality. Additionally, two braided epaulettes and a shoulder button adorn each jacket, adding to their distinguished appearance.

Notably, Prince Charlie jackets do not have a fastening button on the front. The inclusion of skirt flaps at the back contributes to their generous and regal nature. At Scottish Attire, customization options for colors are available, allowing individuals to personalize their jackets to their liking.

Materials used in Crafting

The materials used in crafting Prince Charlie jackets vary based on customer preferences. Scottish Attire offers a range of choices, including serge wool, tweed wool, Melton wool, barathea wool, tartan acrylic wool, velvet, Iqbal fabric, and vicuna wool, each with its own unique qualities.

To enhance the overall aesthetic, chrome hardware, including buttons, is utilized on the front of the jacket, vest, shoulders, and sleeves. These decorative elements add a sense of generosity and pride to the Prince Charlie Jacket.

Accompanying the jacket, kilt vests feature lapel facings made of satin silk. The front of the vest matches the fabric of the kilt jacket, while the back is satin with a waist-adjusting belt. With two exterior pockets and three chrome buttons on the front, the Scottish kilt vest exudes elegance and refinement.

At Scottish Attire, we offer a diverse selection of Scottish jackets, including the esteemed Prince Charlie jackets, catering to a range of price points. Whether attending a formal wedding, a black tie event, or a ceilidh, the Prince Charlie jacket, with its distinctive features and timeless allure, remains a popular choice for those seeking a refined Scottish ensemble