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Patriotic Flag Kilts

Scottish Attire Shop offers patriotic flag kilts for individuals who love their nation and wish to show it through their clothing. These flag kilts feature the colors and patterns of their national flag. These modern kilts have adjustable straps as well as side pockets. These are durable and functional for use throughout the day. Pleats in the kilt add to the kilt’s wealth. Scottish Attire has fantastic bargains on high-quality kilts at reasonable rates. This kilt is ideal for people who want to appreciate the appearance and feel of wearing a kilt while also expressing their patriotism in a practical and fashionable way. We offer total customization based on your needs.

This kilt can be customized in color in the following ways:

Kilts are available in your size at Scottish Attire.

The length of the kilt is also determined by the needs of the customer.

Different colors and printing are also available based on your country’s flag and needs.

Buckles and buttons that are corrosion-free add to the generosity and pride of the kilt. Other hardware, including as chains, rings, and D-rings, can be added to the piece to enhance its appearance.

The fabric of the kilt can also be customized, for example, tartan, 100% cotton, and so on. (A flag kilt is often made of 100% cotton.)

Scroll down to see all of the different country flags available on Scottish attire. If you cannot find your country’s flag, please contact us, and we will make one for you.


Patriotic flag kilts are traditional Scottish kilts that feature designs inspired by national flags, particularly those of the United States, Scotland, and the United Kingdom. They are often worn by people who want to show their pride in their country or heritage. These kilts are typically made from a blend of wool and synthetic materials and feature pleats, a flat front panel, and an adjustable waistband with buckles or straps. The designs on the kilts usually include bold stripes in red, white, and blue, along with stars and other national symbols.

Patriotic flag kilts are commonly worn for special occasions such as national holidays, parades, and sporting events. They are also popular among Scottish and Irish heritage groups and military personnel who want to show their support for their country. It’s worth noting that the use of national flags on kilts can be controversial, particularly regarding the use of the American flag on clothing items. Some people may consider it disrespectful or inappropriate to use the flag in this way. Respecting cultural sensitivities and using patriotic flag kilts appropriately and respectfully is essential.