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Argyle Kilt Outfits

How to Finish the Argyle Kilt Outfit

Because of its versatility, the accessories you choose to wear with the Argyle Jacket depend on the formality of the occasion, but here are a few pointers to help you get it right.

The Waistcoat:

Typically, the Argyle Jacket is worn over a matching 5-button waistcoat. This is not required for daytime events like Highland Games, but it can give a sense of class to more formal occasions like christenings.

The Tie:

There are no hard and fast rules on what type of neckwear should be worn with an Argyle Jacket; however, when wearing a waistcoat, a bow tie or a crouched tie is frequently preferred, and the Argyle is never worn with a jabot (an ornate frill). Browse our collection for ideas.

The Sporran:

The type of sporran you wear depends on the occasion. However, the Argyle Jacket should never be worn with a full-dress sporran. Instead, it is paired with a semi-formal sporran (as shown) for formal occasions and a daywear sporran for casual occasions.  As previously stated, Tweed Argyle Jackets are normally reserved for daywear and hence would be best suited to a daywear sporran.

The Footwear:

Though the basic Argyll Jacket can be worn as daywear, it is most commonly combined with black ghillie brogues rather than hiking boots. However, for the Tweed Argyle, why not add a personal touch to your look by wearing a different style or color to match?

The Belt and Buckle:

A kilt belt with a buckle that sits at the waist of your kilt is normally included in the Argyle Kilt Outfit. Kilt belts and buckles are slightly larger than typical, and the buckle is often carved with the wearer’s clan crest, for example, to retain the Celtic theme of the entire attire.

The Accessories:

Your Argyle Kilt Outfit would be incomplete without the standard kilt accessories such as kilt flashes (that should either match the tartan of your kilt or be a block color such as black), the sgian dubh (that should be tucked into the kilt hose that aligns with your dominant hand), and the kilt pin.

Buying the Argyle Kilt Outfit:

So, if you’re searching for a kilt jacket that can be worn for a number of situations, the Argyle Jacket is a great option! We have a selection of Argyle Jackets and Waistcoats, as well as complete Argyle Kilt Outfit Sets with all the accessories you’ll need.

The Argyle Kilt Outfit is a traditional Scottish dress worn by men during formal events, ceremonies, and cultural celebrations such as weddings, Highland games, and other traditional gatherings. The outfit consists of several pieces, including:

Argyle Jacket: A tailored jacket with a distinctive diamond pattern, usually wool or tweed, typically featuring satin lapels and silver buttons.

Kilt: A knee-length garment made of tartan, a fabric woven with a specific pattern of colors and stripes to represent a particular clan or region in Scotland.

Sporran: A small pouch worn at the front of the kilt, typically made of leather or fur and decorated with tassels or a metal clasp. It serves as a functional accessory to carry personal belongings.

Ghillie Brogues: Traditional Scottish footwear laced up the ankle and designed to be worn with a kilt. They feature long laces that wrap around the calf and are often made of leather.

Kilt Hose: Also known as “kilt socks,” these knee-high socks are typically made of wool and are worn with garters just below the knee.

Flashes: Decorative fabric strips worn on the outside of the kilt hose, which match the tartan of the kilt.

Belt and Buckle: A leather belt with a decorative buckle worn around the waist to secure the kilt.

Bonnie Prince Charlie Jacket: A formal jacket with silk lapels and cuffs for more formal events.

Overall, the Argyle Kilt Outfit is a timeless and elegant ensemble showcasing Scotland’s rich cultural heritage.