What Does 5 Or 8 Yard Kilt Means?


If you are new to men’s kilts, you may be familiar with tartan kilts in sizes of 5 or 8 yards. We’ll walk you through their distinctions and their meanings. This question is frequently asked by young men or those who have never worn a Kilt made to order. The quantity of fabric used is the only difference between these yards. This might have no bearing on how your kilt looks. See the following paragraph for additional details about how different yards alter a Kilt’s appearance.

Let’s talk about the weight first. When a kilt is made with five yards of fabric instead of eight miles, the weight difference is 37%. A kilt’s weight value is not constant as it varies with each tartan. To distinguish between the two, you can also see the pleats. The main distinction between the 5 and 8-yard kilts is on the back, even though they will appear identical from the front. There will be more pleats in an 8-yard kilt than a 5-yard kilt. The 8-yard kilt will have more pleats than a 5-yard kilt just because the kilt maker used all the fabric.

Is It Good To Choose between a 5 or 8 Yard Kilt

At this point, you might be asking yourself which kilt is better—an 8-yard or a 5-yard one. Before deciding which one to wear, you should think about where you would wear it. A 5-yard kilt is lightweight enough to be worn to work or for daily wear. Eight yards is the perfect option if you’re looking for a more classic Scottish kilt. Eight yards of wool cloth were used to make a traditional Scottish kilt. The ideal length for your next kilt is eight yards if tradition is what you’re after.

Another significant distinction between them is their price. I can verify that you may have known this already! Compared to the 5-yard kilt, the 8-yard one costs more. The 8-yard kilts available at Scottish Attire are excellent. They are very adaptable, reasonably priced, and of excellent quality. See how much we charge compared to our rivals by looking at our Kilt Collection. We also have our Great Kilt available. The kilt is in the traditional style.

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