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Scottish Hats

Scottish hats are a style of headgear popular in Scotland. Tartan caps (Scottish hats) are often constructed of wool or another warm material and have a tartan design. Tartan hats can be worn for both informal and formal situations, and they are frequently seen as a representation of Scottish culture and tradition. Tartan caps are a traditional Scottish headdress dating back to the 16th century. These is commonly paired with a kilt or conventional Scottish attire.

They are popular hat choice among many Scots since they are fashionable and functional. In colder weather, the wool material keeps the head warm, while the short peak shields the eyes from the sun. Members of the Scottish military frequently wear the Scottish cap, regarded as a very patriotic piece of apparel.

These caps are a terrific choice for any event, whether you are Scottish or not. It will keep you warm while adding some Scottish charm to your wardrobe!

Types of Scottish Hats

Scottish headpieces are often constructed of wool and can be embellished with tartan patterns, feathers, and plaid ribbons. Knowing the three primary varieties of Scottish hats might assist you in selecting your own.

Tam O’Shanter hat 

Glengarry hat 

Balmoral hat

Glengarry Hat

Since at least 1812, the Glengarry cap (tartan cap) has been worn. The tartan cap is a boat-shaped cap with a crumpled peak that fits snugly. The Glengarry cap may be embellished with a tartan band and a pom-pom called a cookie stitched on. Ribbons hang down the rear of the cap, which is also stitched. This headgear can be folded and carried in a pocket or waistband.

Balmoral cap

The Balmoral cap was originally a soft, knitted cap with a tight-fitting band and a loose, floppy crown. It got increasingly structured throughout time, and today’s Balmoral cap is constructed of very stiff wool, with a short crown that falls to the right when worn. Like the Glengarry cap, it may have a plaid or solid colour band, and a wicket may be sewn into the centre of the crown. Unlike the Glengarry cap, where the bands hang loosely, the bands of the Balmoral cap can be tied into a bow or left loose.

Tam O’Shanter

The Tam O’Shanter (Tam hats), sometimes known simply as the Tam, was named after Robert Burns’ poetry. Its structure is similar to that of the Balmoral hood, but where the Balmoral hood has a very short crown, Tam’s crown is broader and looser. Unlike the Glengarry and Balmoral hoods, which commanders typically wore, the Tams were usually worn by soldiers.Several traditional Scottish hats are worn as part of Scottish dress. Here are some examples:

Balmoral Bonnet:

The Balmoral Bonnet is a traditional Scottish hat typically made from wool or tweed. It features a pom-pom on top and a band around the base and is often worn with a Scottish military uniform.

Tam O’Shanter:

The Tam O’Shanter is a round, flat hat made from wool or tweed. It features a pom-pom on top and a ribbon or band around the base. The hat is often associated with Scottish folklore and is typically worn for informal occasions.


The Glengarry is a traditional Scottish hat often worn as part of a military or pipe band uniform. It is typically made from wool or felt and features a ribbon or band around the base and a badge or emblem on the front.


The Trilby is a classic hat style often worn in Scotland, particularly for formal occasions. It is typically made from wool or felt and features a narrow brim and a creased crown.

Flat Cap:

The Flat Cap is a popular style of hat in Scotland and is often worn for everyday occasions. It is typically made from wool or tweed and features a short brim and a rounded crown.

These are just a few examples of the different types of Scottish hats worn as part of traditional Scottish dress. Each hat has its unique style and history and may be worn for other occasions or purposes depending on the wearer’s preference.