How to measure a Scottish Kilt: Step by Step Guide


You must accurately measure your size before placing an order for a kilt. We’ll discuss how to measure a Scottish kilt in this article. Although most kilts come in a standard size, it is strongly advisable to measure all the necessary dimensions before choosing the ideal kilted skirt. A tailor typically uses 8 yards of fabric to create the traditional Scottish kilt. No matter how many or how deep the creases are, it is. The tailor can need nine yards of material if the customer has a large waist. The standard measurement for the kilt height is one-third of the wearer’s height overall. For instance, a 6-foot man would need a tailored kilt roughly 24 inches tall, or one-third of his height. This size skirt will therefore look fantastic on him.

How to measure for a Kilt: 4 easy Steps

Here is a kilt measuring guide to help you find the best-looking and best-fitting kilt possible:


The waist is one of the most important measurements because the kilt covers half of it. The area surrounding the belly button is where the size is measured. If you’re not comfortable, the dress will either be too loose or tight.

Kilt measuring Guide Step-1 Scottish Attire

The kilt length

The next measurement is the kilt drop once the waist has been accurately measured. Mark the tape until the middle of the knee by bringing it 4 inches to the side of the abdominal button.

Kilt measuring Guide Step-2 Scottish Attire

Arm Length

Put on a well-fitting jacket, and start measuring from the middle of the shoulder seam to just below the wrist bone.

Chest Size

Although not especially for the kilted skirt, this measurement applies to the jacket and waistcoat worn with the traditional Scottish attire. Mark the precise chest size by wrapping the tape over your back just beneath the armpit area.

Kilt measuring Guide Step-3 Scottish Attire

Collar Size

Record the reading after loosely adjusting the measuring tape around the neck. It is ideal to place two fingers between the individual whose measurements are being taken and the tape wrapped around their neck while taking the reading.


Height is essential for ensuring that the traditional kilt suit looks fantastic on the wearer. Height is a general measurement used to examine various pieces of clothing related to the kilted skirt.

Kilt measuring Guide Step-4 Scottish Attire


Since a few years ago, Scottish kilts have made a great fashion statement. We described how to measure a Scottish kilt in this article. Tape is used to measure the size. Measurements are important if you want to get your hands on the ideal fitting kilt. Visit Our Kilt shop or order us for a custom kilt.

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