A Complete Guide To Wear A Kilt With Kilt Accessories


Stay calm if you are unfamiliar with a men’s kilt; I will explain it. In essence, a kilt is a clothing item that reaches your kneecap. Men wear it most often. It is also referred to as Scotland’s official attire. A lot of people think skirts go with kilts. They do not look alike, even though they have some physical similarities. The kilt is available in fewer hues or materials than the skirt. The majority of its materials are tartan-patterned wool. The newest utility kilts, a branch that sprang from tartan kilts, are what you’ll see these days.

Remembering to dress appropriately in a kilt and with the right accessories if you’re a Scottish gentleman can be challenging. Be at ease—we are here to assist! The purpose of this guide is to help individuals who are in need. After reading this tutorial, we guarantee you will be able to wear kilts appropriately at any event. They come in a range of colours and styles and don’t have tartan patterns on them.

Accessories To Wear With Kilt

Let’s start with the style of the kilt. Unlike jeans or pants, kilts are worn best above the navel, not below. The recommended way to wear it is to let it fall halfway down your kneecap. Ensure your kilt covers your full body if you intend to wear it properly. Additionally, make sure the aprons overlap and have pleats on your back. It’s also important to remember that the fringes should always be on the correct side.


You should tuck your sporrans under your waistcoat or belt buckle. Sporans with two loops fastened to the front of the kilt are available. Sporrans are classified into two categories. A dress sporran and a semi-dress sporran are the two types of sporran. The first thing you need to do is choose Dress Sporran if you want to look formal. However, Semi-Dress Sporrans will help you get the desired look if you’re going for a casual vibe. Remember to read our page to understand more about Sporrans and other Sporrans.

Buchanan Tartan Sporran
Fox Fur Sporran With Lion Batch

Kilt Pin

On a chilly day, a form of fastener called a kilt pin keeps the apron from flapping in the wind. There is a misconception that kilts are meant to be attached, as they are supposed to hold the two apron layers together. Kilt pins on the kilt should be positioned at least one inch above the side and bottom. It is completely up to you where the kilt pin is placed; it can even be on the opposite side. Remember to check out our exclusive article on kilt pins if you want to know more about these amazing pins.

Chromed Sword Kilt Pin

Belt and Buckle

Compared to standard belts, the buckle and belt are often broader. When wearing waistcoats, you ought to wear them. Should you want to wear the belt without a jacket, be ready for some disapproval from Scottish nationalists.


Ties and Shirts

Ghillie Shirts should be noticed if you want an antique style. If you are still determining the distinction between the two, let me put it in the simplest terms possible: they are big, baggy shirts with winged collars. However, a standard shirt and a straight tie are also acceptable.

Jacket and Waistcoat

Prince Charlie’s vest and jacket are the ideal options for an attractive appearance. Keep the buttons on your jacket open to reveal the waistcoat buttons when you wear one. This will give your ensemble a more stylish appearance. Other styles of kilt jackets are also an option. See our comprehensive guide to learn more about the types of jackets that go well with kilts.

Grey Argyle Jacket Kilt Outfit
Black Argyle Jacket Kilt Outfit

Kilt Hose

The socks known as “Kilt Hose” are designed to be worn with the Kilt. Kilt hoses should be worn below your knees because they are longer than standard socks. You have to make an effort to fold the kilt hose inside at the bottom when wearing them.


Kilt Flashes

Your kilt must match the flashes on it. They are available in a variety of tartan designs or plain hues to go with the colour or design of your kilt. It is necessary to position the kilt flashes on the calves’ sides.

Sgian Dubh

Make sure Sgian Dubh is on your buying list if you’re going for a traditional look. Typically, sgian dubh are worn by putting them inside a hose or kilt. They can be worn on either leg, but you must wear them on the other side of your calf.


Brogues are the final item on the list. Your ensemble will only be complete with these shoes since they are worn with kilts. They lack a tongue and have big faces. These Brogues require a tight tug on their long laces. After tying them in an over-under pattern, twist them three or four times and then wrap them twice around the calf.


That concludes our post regarding The Ultimate Guide To Wear a Kilt with complete accessories. Please feel free to leave your comments in the space below if you have any questions about this post. Please remember to share this post with your friends and family if you have enjoyed reading it.

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