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Kilt Hoses/Socks & Shoes 

Scottish Attire has a large assortment of kilt hoses & shoes for you to pick from. We have something for everyone, whether you’re looking for casual kilt hoses & shoes to go with your Scottish brogues. Each shoe is handcrafted from high-quality leather and can be customized to your liking. To complete the image, we also carry a choice of kilt socks. Our kilt hoses & shoes and hose line is the center of our website, and we promise you the most excellent quality at a reasonable price. When choosing a kilt shoe, numerous options are available, depending on the event and your unique taste. For a more relaxed style, try casual shoes to pair with a kilt, such as our plain leather shoes. These are ideal for a day at the park or going on errands. If you want something a little more formal, our ghillie brogues are perfect. They are available in a range of colors and can be worn with or without a kilt. Regardless of your personal style or financial constraints? There is always something for you in Scottish AttireAttire!

Kilt Socks

Kilt hose is long stockings typically worn knee-high, with the upper section folded back down to form a thicker cuff just below the knee. They are composed of wool, acrylic, or a combination of the two and come in a range of solid colors to complement any tartan color. They are also available in diced patterns, essential for Highland dancers to wear. However, the most frequent color of the hose is cream, or ‘off-white’ hose, which is the color of unbleached wool. Pipers frequently wear bright white ‘pipers hose’ made entirely of synthetic fiber. Piper hose also features a ‘built-in’ cuff with a raised texture on the top of the hose.

Kilt hoses, also known as kilt socks, are a type of long sock worn with traditional Scottish kilts. They are made from wool or a wool blend, typically off-white or cream-colored. Kilt hoses are knee-high and feature a distinctive fold-over cuff at the top, known as the “turnover.” The turnover is often decorated with kilt flashes, which are strips of fabric or ribbon that wrap around the top of the kilt hose and are visible just below the cuff of the kilt.

Practical and Stylish

Kilt hoses are designed to be both practical and stylish. The wool material helps to keep the legs warm, while the length and turnover of the sock provide extra insulation and support for the calf muscles. The kilt hose adds a decorative touch to the overall outfit, mainly when worn with kilt flashes and other traditional Scottish accessories, such as a sporran and kilt belt buckle. Kilt hoses come in various sizes and styles and can be customized to match the wearer’s kilt and other accessories. They are an essential element of traditional Scottish dress and are typically worn for formal events, such as weddings, Highland games, and other special occasions.

Kilt Shoes

Kilt shoes are a type of traditional Scottish footwear that is designed to be worn with a kilt outfit. They are typically made from leather and feature a lace-up design with a low heel and a distinctive front flap, known as a “brogue.” The brogue is a decorative element often decorated with perforations and intricate patterns and may feature additional embellishments such as tassels or a metal buckle. The shoes are typically designed to be comfortable and supportive, with a sturdy sole that provides traction on various surfaces.

Kilt shoes come in various styles, from formal dress shoes to more casual options suitable for everyday wear. Depending on the occasion and the wearer’s style, they may be plain or adorned with additional decorative elements. Kilt shoes are an essential element of traditional Scottish dress and are typically worn for formal events such as weddings, Highland games, and other special occasions. They are often paired with a kilt hose and traditional Scottish accessories, such as a sporran and belt buckle, to create a complete kilt outfit.